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Fri Sep 17 06:09:14 PDT 1999

- --- "Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN)"
<reida at> wrote:
> The work must be stretched very tight in a frame,
> even tighter than for
> regular types of embroidery, as it's the tautness of
> the fabric that helps
> you get the tambour hook down through and then back
> up through the same hole
> without snagging other threads.

I was thinking about doing the applique on
light-weight linen, so it would stand up to my abuses.
 There is a quilting hoop I saw at Joanne's that has
the inner hoop in a channel formed by the outer
hoop... maybe that would work.  Otherwise, Lacis
( has both tambour needles and a
tambour hoop.

> So many projects, so little time.

*sigh* Don't I know it.

> Andrew
> (SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari.  Innilgard, Lochac.)
> "If at first you don't succeed.  Redefine
> 'success'..."

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