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Fri Sep 17 09:24:35 PDT 1999

  Do youy know if anyone have a pattern for these pillows.  They sound 
interesting and a chalenge to work.

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><<Heels were always done on two needles.  >>
>A couple of the earliest stocking I've examined have rudimentary heel
>shaping that was *not* done on two needles, but all four.
>And if you look in most knitting books, you'll find something called the
>Auto Heel, or sometimes a Peasant Heel. It is worked entirely with circular
>knitting, although I do not know how old the shaping is.
><<There are cushions from the 13th Century which are most likely knitted
>flat, although I have not examined them to check.>>
>If you are referring to the medieval Spanish cushions with Arabic designs
>(dated c 1275), they were definitely knit in the round.
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