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Sun Sep 19 20:01:15 PDT 1999

Dear Chris:

<  There are lots of modern close-up photos of crochet,interspersed with
small and faraway pictures of museum pieces done in
other, unrelated lace techniques.  It talks about ancient "looping
techniques" such as sprang and netting, and implies -- though it doesn't
actually *say* -- that crochet is as old as the rest of them.> 

This is what I meant by Ms.Potter being "odd". I kept wondering why she
dragged in the other needlework forms. I was also confused why she kept
escaping into the  'travelogue"  focus of international needlework.What in
the world did this have to do with crochet? It almost seemed to me that she
felt that "ancient" crochet was the "mother" of all these other needlework

I took this book out of a local library years ago and my poor DH had to put
up with my indignant outbursts. I finally decided she comes from another
planet. <BG>

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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