HNW - moss stitch, part II

Patricia Hefner patricia.hefner at
Sun Sep 19 20:54:45 PDT 1999

OK, I'm almost through with my first seed stitch project. It's sloppy, but
heck, at least I know what the heck I'm doing!! :-) I used an uneven number
of stitches (17) and am almost through with a nice, flat belt. Now for a
moss stitch, or as what someone called a "tall seed stitch" (OK, I'm getting
those blasted names mixed up....half the difficulty of this whole thing is
these names!! :-))  I seem to remember something about casting on a number
of stitches that's divisible by four. Does anyone else know the rest of the
rules? I'm afraid I've forgotten that stuff :-(.....drat! Thanks in advance
for any help you can give me.


patricia.hefner at

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