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Mon Sep 20 06:52:27 PDT 1999

Dear List:

I took a break from stripping woodwork to do a web search for filet
crochet. I ended up, of course, with a bazillion crochet websites. So far,
the most promising for vintage filet crochet patterns (i.e. 1900-1915) is:

They seem to be a recent website, and only carry two books so far:

1.Filet Crochet from Yesterday: Crocheter's Historical Pattern Series,

2. --Irish Crochet; Crocheter's Historical Pattern Series Vol.2

Each book is $17.95 plus $3.20 s&h. I am going to order the first one this
month (I admire Irish Crochet but hate picots, so I'm going to pass on
this). From what the website showed of the cover, it looks like they are
reproducing exactly the patterns from c.1900-1915, which is just what I'm
looking for (earlier would be nice, but hey, its not a perfect world).

Has anyone seen these books? Can anyone suggest a good website for early
20th century pattern reproductions for filet crochet patterns?

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"
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