HNW - Irish embroidery in the 1500's???

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Mon Sep 20 10:35:58 PDT 1999

>I understand what you mean about "a funny taste", but the more research I
>do the more I learn not to pay TOO much attention to "funny tastes". For
>instance, bright colors were EXTREMELY period. 

I know that natural dyes can produce some pretty startling results, and
that the original manuscript illustrations in question weren't exactly
subtle when it came to yellows and reds.  But some colour combinations are
just too 1990's, and not 1590's enough or 890's enough.  They read wrong
for the period they're supposed to be.  Or they look like paint colours
instead of dye colours.  I have every intention of using bright colours for
this piece of embroidery, but only the ones which 'taste' right to me.

The gorgeous carved wood and
>carved stone pediments, gargoyles, etc. that we are accustomed to seeing
>were actually painted in the most incredibly gaudy colors (this is also
>true for Greek and Roman statuary). 

The folks in the English Regency only saw the white marble statues, so
their dresses were white by preference (till later when they got tired of
all white, that is).

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