HNW - Jane Bostocke sampler

Frank A Thallas Jr hardcorps at
Fri Sep 24 23:39:52 PDT 1999

  I don't know about a website, but there's a great big beautiful color
pic of it in "Embroidery in Britain 1200-1750"....and a bunch of
other cool stuff as well.

  Full info:
 "The Victoria and Albert Museum's Textile Collection- Embroidery in Britain
  Donald King and Santina Levy
  Canopy Books, NY
ISBN (paperback) 1-55859-652-6

  Got mine about a year ago from Barnes and Noble for (can't remember) but
too much....

> Does anybody know of a website with the Jane Bostocke sampler on it?
> I seem to remember seeing a URL for one on a previous HNW - but can't find
> where I filed it.
> Thanking you!
> Regards,
> Madilayn de Mer
> Barony of River Haven
> (Megan McConnell - Brisbane Australia)
> madilayn at

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