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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Sat Sep 25 06:04:32 PDT 1999

>  I don't know about a website, but there's a great big beautiful color
>pic of it in "Embroidery in Britain 1200-1750"....and a bunch of
>other cool stuff as well.
>  Full info:
> "The Victoria and Albert Museum's Textile Collection- Embroidery in Britain
>  Donald King and Santina Levy   Canopy Books, NY ISBN (paperback)
>  Got mine about a year ago from Barnes and Noble for (can't remember) but
>not too much....
>  Liadain

It is still in print at $24.95, saith the bookseller.

But the private publication I was thinking of had instructions for all the
stitches.  Emb. in Brit. is a great book, but isn't an instruction book.


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