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Thank you for your kind words.  The real problem with printing and
distributing photos from Stitch On Line is that the items are often owned by
museums and the photos I take are for "personal use only".  Museums are very
protective of their textiles and retain their copyright on these treasures.
I retain copyright on my photos and text.

This is why Stitch On Line is strictly non-commercial.  I know I have no
control over what comes out of your printer, but do ask that you use respect
and good sense.  Any profit making (even by educational groups) is
prohibited.  If you do print an issue to use for educational purposes, I
request that you print the entire issue with its copyright notice,
disclaimers, etc.  If the V&A and other museums demand that I cease and
desist using photos of their collections, I will have no choice but to stop
publishing and that means everyone loses.

One reason I applied for an ISSN no was so that SCA folks could use the
publication for authentication as I know authentication is very important
for you.  This way the publication is also "searchable" in data bases at
libraries, etc.

Thanks again for your support and interest.


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>Linn Skinner wrote:
>> Well folks, as our little webzine Stitch On Line has survived four
issues, I
>> have applied for and received an ISSN number for the publication.  This
>> means you now have a standard reference number to use in citing the
>> publication.
>Lynn, this is great, especially when you have historical peices pictured
>that we want to use in our documentation, especially for competitions,
>because you have shown peices not always easy to come by pictures of,
>unless you are a serious collector of needlwork books.
>> We always welcome contributions (you
>> retain the copyright to your material) but our payscale is miniscule<G>
>speaking of copyrights;  is is permissable for individuals to print out
>copies of Stitch on Line or parts of it for their own use, as reference
>material, teaching  aids, and documentation?  I'm thinking of those like
>myself that teach at various gatherings, enter competitions, et. Not
>that we would print dozens to give away or sell.
>Mary, Arizona
>Mairi, Atenveldt
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