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Curtis @ Mary ladymari at
Sun Sep 26 13:48:15 PDT 1999

> This is why Stitch On Line is strictly non-commercial.  I know I have no
> control over what comes out of your printer, but do ask that you use respect
> and good sense.  Any profit making (even by educational groups) is
> prohibited.  If you do print an issue to use for educational purposes, I
> request that you print the entire issue with its copyright notice,
> disclaimers, etc.  If the V&A and other museums demand that I cease and
> desist using photos of their collections, I will have no choice but to stop
> publishing and that means everyone loses.

Linn, thanks so much for clarifying this issure for us. At lot of us
appreciate your efforts to bring us this information.  Of course I meant
printing things for educational use and personal reference and not any
kind of sale.

thanks again
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