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Sun Sep 26 16:17:44 PDT 1999

I suspect this is a tad off topic, but since we've been discussing crochet
and knitting (with the occasional mention of tapestry), i thought i'd ask

I have read that items such as stockings were made in the technique called
sprang. Some have survived from what is called "period" in the SCA
(theoretically 600-1600 CE).

I have Peter Collingwood's book on sprang, ("The Technique of Sprang", i
think it's called). It gives great technical advice and very clear
illustrations. He mentions some of these items, what sprang techniques
they're made with. and what collection they're in, but does not include
pictures of historical objects. As a sprang novice, i don't think i can
re-create them on my own. I've just fiddled around trying to learn how to
do sprang, without producing anything useful.

Does anyone know of sources with photos of these stockings (and pouches,
etc.) and maybe even real directions?

Has anyone actually made sprang stockings?

It'll be a while before i get to it. My next projected plan is to try weave
some tapestry roundels a la Medieval Coptic Egypt for a tunic, but i'm
considering trying to make some stockings eventually - i think i have
directions for some old Arabic knitting - but i'm also thinking of trying
sprang. Do note the use of qualifier words like "plan" and "try". You all
know how it is having a backlog of projects :-)


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