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For photos of a Coptic sprang hairnet/snood see the current issue of Stitch
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>I suspect this is a tad off topic, but since we've been discussing crochet
>and knitting (with the occasional mention of tapestry), i thought i'd ask
>I have read that items such as stockings were made in the technique called
>sprang. Some have survived from what is called "period" in the SCA
>(theoretically 600-1600 CE).
>I have Peter Collingwood's book on sprang, ("The Technique of Sprang", i
>think it's called). It gives great technical advice and very clear
>illustrations. He mentions some of these items, what sprang techniques
>they're made with. and what collection they're in, but does not include
>pictures of historical objects. As a sprang novice, i don't think i can
>re-create them on my own. I've just fiddled around trying to learn how to
>do sprang, without producing anything useful.
>Does anyone know of sources with photos of these stockings (and pouches,
>etc.) and maybe even real directions?
>Has anyone actually made sprang stockings?
>It'll be a while before i get to it. My next projected plan is to try weave
>some tapestry roundels a la Medieval Coptic Egypt for a tunic, but i'm
>considering trying to make some stockings eventually - i think i have
>directions for some old Arabic knitting - but i'm also thinking of trying
>sprang. Do note the use of qualifier words like "plan" and "try". You all
>know how it is having a backlog of projects :-)
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