HNW - Sprang question... Noramunro at
Sun Sep 26 17:19:13 PDT 1999

There is a Roman era sprang stocking in the Yorkshire Museum in York, 
England.  According to the notes I took last time I was there, it's wool, 
fringed at the top, and the foot portion is missing.  It was found near 
Micklegate, York, and is the only known example of Roman sprang in Britain.  
The card by it gives no accession no., but it is listed as being on loan from 
the National Museum of Antiquities, Scotland, and I suspect that's a 
long-term or even permanent loan -- the National Museum of Antiquities is now 
called the Museum of Scotland and occupies a wing of the Royal Museum of 
Scotland on Chambers Street in Edinburgh.  I'd try writing to the Yorkshire 
Museum first for a photo; if the request needs to be made to the Scottish 
museums, they'd be able to tell you that.

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