HNW - Coptic weaving

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Fri Sep 24 03:54:37 PDT 1999

My next projected plan is to try weave
>some tapestry roundels a la Medieval Coptic Egypt for a tunic, 

I think these were originally woven in place using the threads going one
way for the weaving, and running the threads going the other way behind and
unwoven.  That is, they left the threads unwoven in the places they wanted
to weave the tapestry bits, carrying the weft threads behind the warp
threads, then they wove the tapestry bits on one set of threads and left
the others hanging out behind the tapestry bits.  (I saw a picture of the
back of one of these, and that's what it looked like back there.)  The only
places one sees woven pieces added to garments is when the older pieces
were 'recycled' onto newer garments.

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