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Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Mon Sep 27 06:16:52 PDT 1999

<<Sprang in general seems to be scarce on the ground in Western Europe from
the end of the Iron Age until about the 1600s, though I don't know whether
this is because the skill was forgotten, or it went out of fashion, or just
that by accident no examples have survived.>>

This is not really so. In fact, I believe Peter's book does include a
photograph of an  18c military sash made of sprang ( as in George
Washington's.) There are certainly others around in American collections,
and some in England.

Traditional says that officer's sashes were sprang so that they could be
opened up and used as litters to carry the officer off the field when

<< they both involve interlocking loops of thread (after a fashion).>>

Sprang does *not* involve interlocking loops of thread; that's one thing
that distinguishes it from looping techniques. Check Noemi Speiser's Manual
of Braiding for specifics.

Middle American Indians used sprang for leggings, so you might want to
check collections in the American southwest to find out how socks/stockings
could be done.


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