HNW - Sprang question... Noramunro at
Mon Sep 27 17:03:20 PDT 1999

Hi Nancy,

> << There is a Roman era sprang stocking in the Yorkshire Museum in York, 
>   England.  According to the notes I took last time I was there, it's wool, 
>   fringed at the top, and the foot portion is missing. >>
>  Can you please elucidate about the fringe on top?  Sounds intriging!

I didn't take a lot of notes on the fringe, but as I recall it's a fairly 
short (maybe a couple inches overall) twisted fringe made from the same yarn 
that the stocking was made from, and went all the way around the top of the 
stocking.  There may have been some wear or loss to the fringe but I just 
can't remember now.  The mesh was fairly open, and the whole thing was made 
from a fairly heavy yarn; I'd guess roughly equivalent to a modern sport 


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