HNW - Sprang question... Noramunro at
Tue Sep 28 18:22:11 PDT 1999

Nancy asked:

>  Do you suppose that what the fringe actually was, was the end loops of the 
>  sprang piece that had been allowed to twist on themselves rather than 
>  binding them off or running a cord through them?

It's entirely possible.  It did look like an integral part of the top of the 
stocking, not like something that had been made separately and attached later.

>  Were the fringe ends cut or not, 
>  do you remember?

Well, we're now dealing solely in the realm of my memory here, and we know 
how good that can be!  I don't *think* they were cut, but I wouldn't swear to 
it.  Because I (1) don't do sprang (and don't need to learn either, honest! 
Too many projects) and (2) don't do Roman re-enactment I didn't pay as much 
attention to the fringe as I probably should have.

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