HNW - Innovative Elizabethan ideas anyone?

Rowena rowena at
Thu Sep 30 14:37:57 PDT 1999

Have you thought about putting up a web page just so those of us addicted to
your books can make sure we have them all?    It is difficult to know if you
have come out with a new one!
    Rowena - upstate NY, in the middle of nowhere except cows
> Dear list(ers)
> Thanks for the comments on and off the list regarding our Elizabethan
> I apologise in advance and hope that the following is not interpreted as a
> commercial message. It is difficult to talk about contemporary
> of Elizabethan needlework without mentioning the books.
> Yes, they are available anywhere on the globe (excuse this appalling
> Elizabethan pun) where English is spoken . We have hundreds of shops in
> North America (and Britain)carrying them and also our bead book, Time For
> Beads by Julie Jackson plus the Hedebo and Half Cone sets which can be
> in conjunction with book three. We have three distributors in North
> There are also many web sites, North America included, where the books can
> be bought such as Wyndham Needlework etc

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