HNW - Digby book (commercial)

Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN) reida at
Thu Sep 30 21:27:32 PDT 1999

Sarah wrote, about copying Digby:
Andrew, don't worry about this - I have relatively easy access to this, and
can have a copy done for when you come to Canberra (unless it's the copy
you've ILLed!) - much cheaper!

Oh great, I didn't think of that!  My ILL was coming from within South
Australia so it won't be the copy you have access to.  Goody, goody.

BTW, I noticed that there's a microfilm copy of "The Needles Excellancy..."
by John Taylor (along with a couple of hundred other documents by him) in
your library - I took your suggestion of cruising your library's website
catalogue to see if there was anything I wanted to look at in November when
I'm over.  I only had a quick browse, there's likely to be other titles
<Grin>  I'll email you the call no's when I've had chance to have a better

BTBTW, I just received my copy of Vinciolo's period pattern book.  Great!
Lace and charted designs for Lacis, cross stitch whatever (incl a quite nice
Pelican in Piety).  Do you want a review for the Guild newsletter, to go
with the review of Bassee I gave you?  Continuing the 'period pattern book'

Thanks for the kind offer to the List, it looks like I won't need to bother
you for a copy after all.  Thanks anyway!

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari.  Innilgard, Lochac.)
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