HNW - Admin: Hoaxes and Virus warnings

Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Aug 7 11:02:26 PDT 2000

jon pearson wrote:

> YES THE ORIGINAL STORY IS A HOAX!!!!!  This is at least the THIRD time in
> the last two years that I have read this on one list or another.  The
> sender in this case was not intending to perpetuate the urban legend, but
> to share a darn good cookie recipe(sp).  I tried it, made by her hands,
> and it is really good (especially when using the white chocolate).

If the intent was to share a cookie recipe it would have been better to
state something along the lines of "this is an urban legend, but try
this recipe."  However, whether an urban legend or the sharing of a
recipe, this is still off-topic for this list.

> I ask you all in the future, instead of blasting the sender or repeater of
> a hoax in public, a private, quiet note would be more sufficient, and
> possibly listened to more readily.

I don't condone people flaming posters of such messages.  A polite
pointer to an urban legend site is not out of order.  However, many
people posting only furthers the list clutter.  It's usually best to
just let the list administrator handle them.

list administrator

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