HNW - Admin: Hoaxes and Virus warnings

Lynn Downward ldownward at
Mon Aug 7 13:59:43 PDT 2000

>jon pearson wrote:
>> YES THE ORIGINAL STORY IS A HOAX!!!!!  This is at least the THIRD time in
>> the last two years that I have read this on one list or another.  The
>> sender in this case was not intending to perpetuate the urban legend, but
>> to share a darn good cookie recipe(sp).  I tried it, made by her hands,
>> and it is really good (especially when using the white chocolate).
>If the intent was to share a cookie recipe it would have been better to
>state something along the lines of "this is an urban legend, but try
>this recipe."  However, whether an urban legend or the sharing of a
>recipe, this is still off-topic for this list.
>> I ask you all in the future, instead of blasting the sender or repeater of
>> a hoax in public, a private, quiet note would be more sufficient, and
>> possibly listened to more readily.
>I don't condone people flaming posters of such messages.  A polite
>pointer to an urban legend site is not out of order.  However, many
>people posting only furthers the list clutter.  It's usually best to
>just let the list administrator handle them.
>list administrator
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Hmmmm, this is the first time I've seen this message - any of these
messages.  When did they come out?  Should I be concerned that I've missed
other messages?  I realize that our server has been intermittant over the
past few days (PacificBell hit the wrong button and deleted my company from
some list) but I assumed they'd stay "out there" until I was able to
retrieve them.

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