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I have been there she has lots of yummy thread...

Carol Knight wrote:

> Greetings! I am new to the list, so I hope that I am not in the way...
> I have started doing research into Blackwork, in the 16th Century. I am
> interested in doing a few things in it, such as Ruffs, Chemises collars,
> shirts and so on.
> Yes. I am in the SCA.;-)
> What I am looking for is Silk Embroidery Thread. I would like to be as
> accurate as possible in my 'productions', yet have room for creativity.
> What has been your experience with this thread? What works best? What should
> I look for in this thread?
> Obviously, my experience is almost solely with DMC Thread, who, sadly,
> informs me that they do not sell silk thread.
> What  Company have you had the best response from? I know I will have to
> order my thread. I would like to find a company that has a secured site that
> will take orders over the 'net and fill them quickly.
> Also, I would like to find that motherlode source for decent linen at a
> decent price. The fabric stores here have a nice enough linen at a very
> 'nice' price-$15 a yard. But it is not really what I am looking for. I would
> like some Cambric, if it is findable, at least for the Ruffs.
> Thank you!
> Lady Roslyn of Hawkhaven
> Meridies
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