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The reversible designs in the little early bands is really quite easy if you
just make sure you follow the path out and back.  I wish you lived near me,
I'd have you over for a lesson.

Linn Skinner
Skinner Sisters
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> Hello,
> Just to add my chorus, I am also new to this list. I am former SCA, now
> mostly an online lurker on the fringes. I am predominantly a
> but I have started dabbling my hand in other styles of needlework.
> Does anyone have any tips for learning blackwork? I've never learned
> embroidery before, so this is taking some mental adjustment. I have
> the instructions for the double running stitch from the various books and
> websites, but they tend to focus on making a straight line, not more
> intricate patterns. I looked at the Queen Jane's cuff design Maire
> and it looks deceptively easy until you have to make that first turn or
> *sigh*
> Suggestions?
> Julia E. Linthicum
> RCuvier at
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