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Wed Aug 16 23:41:40 PDT 2000

  Greetings and welcome!
  I take it you're starting out with counted, double-running
stitch?  With prior experience in counted work, you'll find this easier than
you think, with a little practice.
    The best tip I teach beginners is to plan the needle journeys before
taking a single stitch - graph the pattern in pencil on graph paper, then,
starting where you'll start stitching, color every other "stitch" with  one
color marker or pencil - these would be the stitches taken on the first
"journey" - and then color the other with a contrast - these would be the
stitches taken on the second or return journey.  This will also help you
work out how to manage the odd bits that stick out from an otherwise easy
and help keep track of which stitches to take until you get
the rhythm down with practice.....
  Happy stitching!

> Hello,
> Just to add my chorus, I am also new to this list. I am former SCA, now
> mostly an online lurker on the fringes. I am predominantly a
> but I have started dabbling my hand in other styles of needlework.
> Does anyone have any tips for learning blackwork? I've never learned
> embroidery before, so this is taking some mental adjustment. I have
> the instructions for the double running stitch from the various books and
> websites, but they tend to focus on making a straight line, not more
> intricate patterns. I looked at the Queen Jane's cuff design Maire
> and it looks deceptively easy until you have to make that first turn or
> *sigh*
> Suggestions?
> Julia E. Linthicum
> RCuvier at
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