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<snipping my quote from the article on the Gunnister finds>
> This is the closest thing to crochet I have ever heard of from before 1800.
>   Thank you.  From your description the structure does seem to be a
>  crochet-type chain stitch.  I don't think the technique requires a hook,
>  and I remain unconvinced that this example justifies doing Victorian-style
>  crochet before 1800.  But I am going to try it out

I made a little one of these a few years ago from the description in the 
article.  I did use a crochet hook to do the chain for the loops, because I 
had one.  ;-)  It makes a swell little bag.  I use it inside a larger 
mediaeval-style purse as my "wallet" at SCA events.

Just in support of your contention that a hook isn't necessary:  Weavers 
regularly chain warps to keep them from tangling when transferring them from 
warping board to loom.   We use our hands in exactly the same way a crocheter 
uses a hook, and we get what is exactly a single chain.

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