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<< My question is about blackwork embroidery - how do you start and end the 
threads? >>

No one has mentioned the method I use -- take a double-length piece of 
thread, start from the front, and leave half the thread hanging in front.  
Might use a bit of pink hair tape to keep it out of the way.  Then stitche 
along.  When nearing the end, stop and leave the tail hanging on the front 
(so it doesn't get tangled) and thread up the other end of the thread.  Go 
the other direction until there is only a couple needle-lengths of thread 
left.  Unthread the tapestry needle, put a small, thin, sharp needle in its 
place.  Take the thread to the back, and pierce the fabric and the stitched 
threads on the back, going longwise (not weaving).  This makes a very secure, 
almost invisible ending.  clip close.  Put the needle on the hanging end you 
left earlier, take that thread to the back, and end it off by piercing the 
design thread and the fabric threads horizontally.   This is what Marion 
Scoular calls the "sneaky finish" for blackwork. 

Eowyn Amberdrake, 
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