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Julia Jones jrjones47 at
Thu Aug 17 12:45:38 PDT 2000

Three good tips on blackwork and working with silk:

1.  Previous posts are right, to end the thread (if you can't bury it where 
a seam will hide it later) you run the tail in and around the stitches 
(really, wrap the thread around the existing threads) on the side you 
consider the back.  The stitches look a little thicker there, but that's 

2.  When starting:  take a DOUBLE length of thread (if you want to work with 
24", cut off 48") and start in the middle of the pattern.  Bring your needle 
up in the first stitch and pull one-half of the thread through.  You now 
have a 24" tail.  Pin the tail neatly to one side.  Stitch as far as you can 
with the 24" length your needle is in, tie off the thread.  Go back and 
unpin that 24" tail at the beginning, and start stitching in the other 
direction.  You have just eliminated two ends!

3.  Especially when working with silk, get some good hand cream, something 
to smooth those tiny rough places, and something that is greaseless.  I got 
some WONDERFUL stuff at the pharmacy - I had to order it special, but it 
works great - TONIGHT I will remember to dig in the drawer where it lurks, 
and tomorrow I will post you the name.  (I meant to do this last night, but 
now that I've embarrassed myself like this I will surely remember.)

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