HNW - Re: Blackwork - starting and ending

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Thu Aug 17 12:40:36 PDT 2000

   This should be beautiful - show us some pictures when
you're done!


> Amen!
> Here is what I have planned;
> The Elizabethan Gardens of the Era had what they called Knotwork
> Gardens-this is where small hedges formed the borders, with plantings and
> little interests inside.
> What I am designing for this coif-and if it works, other co-ordinating
> items-is an even-rowed series of knots, and in each space created by the
> knot design, will be either a rose or pomegranate. The knot design will be
> in braid stitch, the Roses and pomegranates will be in stem and running
> stitches. The center of the roses and the seeds in the pomegranates will
> beads. And yes, I will use thread effects and stitch effects to shade the
> roses and fruit.
> I have the idea in my mind-I just need to get it on paper to where it
> pleases my other words, I know what I want-its the getting there
> that's the trouble!<LOL>
> Thank you!!!!
> Roslyn H.

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