HNW - Blackwork 101

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Thu Aug 17 12:57:32 PDT 2000

     Ooooo, this is great - I'm a Chart Nut, and have trouble explaining
chartless to the chart-anxious in my
    Another shameless plug for "The New Carolingian
Modelbook" - the block patterns make great charts for
filet crochet and two-colored knitting as well as embroidery.  One meander
pattern - the one with daisy-like flowers - has become a runner for my old
and ugly coffee table, and someday when I get really ambitious the
large "damask" like pattern toward the end of the section will be a filet
crochet tablecloth.....


> HNWers,
> Julia asked about blackwork learning tips.  Not having gone to Pennsic,
> (and trying to avoid a nasty work-related chore) I attempt to answer with
> discussion of how to identify the logic behind a blackwork
> pattern.  Apologies for length and any possible confusion I may cause.
     <snip for brevity>

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