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Thu Aug 17 14:40:07 PDT 2000

Well, I just started blackwork (Holbein/double running stitch), and what I 
found is to start with the EASIEST pattern possible - it looks good and makes 
you feel so much better about yourself! 

I picked up the book "The New Carolingian Modelbook" by Ianthe d'Averoigne 
and picked out the easiest single line patterns to do collar and cuffs on my 
and my husband's shirts and a biggens cap for myself. I would suggest an easy 
to count fabric like linen to start with - the cotton that the shirts were 
made with (over a year ago) wasn't the greatest for counting on, so I kind of 
fudged so that it looked right. Someone also suggested to me to draw out the 
pattern before stitching so you can see where you need to turn off and make 
"offshoot" parts of the line. (i.e. a flower off of a stem)

Thanks to the idea of a waste knot - I've used them in quilting, but never 
thought about using it with embroidery! I can't wait to learn more by sitting 
in the background and listening in to all of you! 

By the way, are there archives for this list anywhere?

Rebecca Schmitt
aka Mistress Agnes Cabot, wife of Master Peter Cabot, cod merchant of Bristol

So many books, so little time

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