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Fri Aug 18 08:42:00 PDT 2000

>I received the following suggestion when I wanted to >do collar/cuffs on fabric which would have been very >difficult to work with as counted -- use fine count >waste canvas - attach waste canvas to back of fabric - 
>work from the back, as if it were the front, except >for the knots - when finished, eliminate the waste >canvas 

Question for Robin here,

I’ve got the same issue – doing blackwork on fabric that really couldn’t realistically be counted.  My experiments with waste canvas have been somewhat less than satisfactory inasmuch as when the waste canvas is removed, the stitches are just a skinch loose because of the very little bit of space that the waste canvas took up.  I’ve tried to help this a bit by underlining the worked area with a soft flannel (works well in collars and cuffs), but I’d really like to just not have to do that at all – does working with the waste canvas on the back help?  Has anyone else encountered this problem, or am I just doing it wrong?

Many thanks,

Meagn  [TudorLdy at]

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