HNW - Waste canvas and blackwork

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Fri Aug 18 15:23:54 PDT 2000

   Have never used waste canvas, but my concern would be, since blackwork is
(usually) worked with a single thread, and tension is crucial to your final
appearance, that
withdrawing waste canvas elements would either snag or distort the stitches.
    Mildly uneven weave can still be counted, if you adjust your stitch
length - perhaps you'll have to work 2 threads one direction, three the
other.  If the count is wildly out of whack, or the material is too tightly
woven to count threads with comfort, I think I would choose a non-counted
technique - freehand back or Holbein stitching as
Megan suggested,  or perhaps an outline stitch with seeded filling?


> Why not draw the design onto the fabric and then stitch it as freestyle
> blackwork?  Same technique - just no counting of threads.
> Megan M. (in Australia)
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