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> <snipping my quote from the article on the Gunnister finds>
> >   From your description the structure does seem to be a
> >  crochet-type chain stitch.  I don't think the technique requires a hook,
> Just in support of your contention that a hook isn't necessary:  Weavers 
> regularly chain warps to keep them from tangling when transferring them from 
> warping board to loom.   We use our hands in exactly the same way a crocheter 
> uses a hook, and we get what is exactly a single chain.

Just a useless little remark from me:
No, you absolutely don't need a hook.
1. I start every single piece of knitting I do with a chain like this,
  and I make it with 2 knitting needles. I call this method
  "knitting up" and it is described in
  Barbara Abbey: The Complete Book of Knitting, Viking Press, 1971
2. Yes, handweavers chain up their warp with their hands. You just
  pull the bundle of warp threads through the loop, and then through
  the next one, and so on. 
3. Handspinners make chains the same way when Navajo plying.

Barbara Maren
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