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Fri Aug 18 18:22:50 PDT 2000

By "quatrefoils," are you referring to the little crosses on the
outermost lines of the pattern, or to the motifs in the central part?
When I did this pattern, I treated it as a number of separate "lines":
1. Crosses, 2. Thorns, 3. Central almost-flowery band with steps and
little crosses, 4. More Tnorns, and 5. More crosses.
I've found it easier over the years to do the little details/side trips
(crosses, leaves on vines, etc) as I'm making my first "journey."  This
way, I don't forget and leave something out until it's too late! <g>  It
has the side benefit of making for less labor on the return "trip," too,
which can be nice if you're doing a long bit, and get really tired of
the pattern.
You'll find, as you learn to chart your own stuff, that it's a lot of
fun, and very handy.  It gives you a great understanding of the pattern,
rhythms for stitching, etc.  It's also great to have for your
documentation if you're displaying the item in a public display (library
or some such) or entering a contest (such as SCA A&S Competitions).
--Maire, who probably still has her old QJ pattern around somewhere, if
you get really stuck!

RCuvier at wrote:
> Thanks for all the great tips and explanations. I'm trying the colored marker
> approach with the Queen Jane's cuff to see if that helps orient me mentally.
> I guess you could say I'm a Pattern Fanatic. This is my first attempt at
> charting *anything*. I've always worked off pre-done patterns from books. I
> tend to like them because I can easily see where I've gone wrong, but
> obviously there are some who consider them too limiting.
> One question that cropped up with the cuff pattern, do I stitch the
> quartrefoils as I'm detouring from the journey or are those done seperately
> on another run?
> Julia E. Linthicum
> RCuvier at
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