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Sat Aug 19 11:08:06 PDT 2000

  I think Jane's cuffs are charted in a couple of books out there - is it in
the New Caronlingian?  and at least one of the "Blackwork" books - this
might save you a bit of time,
unless you just want the experience of charting from a picture - which is
also fun!
    Another source of "fun things to chart" is the Jane Bostocke sampler,
which is also pictured (the best I've found is in the "Victoria and Albert
Textile Collection -
Embroidery in Britain 1200-1750") - lots of bits of band patterns and some
"allovers" there.


> Thanks for all the great tips and explanations. I'm trying the colored
> approach with the Queen Jane's cuff to see if that helps orient me
> I guess you could say I'm a Pattern Fanatic. This is my first attempt at
> charting *anything*. I've always worked off pre-done patterns from books.
> tend to like them because I can easily see where I've gone wrong, but
> obviously there are some who consider them too limiting.
> One question that cropped up with the cuff pattern, do I stitch the
> quartrefoils as I'm detouring from the journey or are those done
> on another run?
> Julia E. Linthicum
> RCuvier at
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