HNW - Goldwork class

Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Wed Aug 30 09:31:32 PDT 2000

Sure, I'll post photos if that's all right with Linn and anyone who might 
be in them.  I'll let everyone know the URL once I figure out where things 
will be.  More later.

Linn: I will try to remember to bring the blackwork piece from last year's 
class.  I think it's coming along nicely (still not done, but that's 
because of work, not the class!)


At 11:55 AM 8/30/00 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 8/30/00 9:18:34 AM Central Daylight Time,
>skinner02 at writes:
><< Bring a camera if you like, I do bring some
>  antique pieces of metal embroidery and linens for you to see. >>
>If you take pictures can you post them somewhere? I would love to see these
>but doubt that I am anywhere near anyplace these are going to be.

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