HNW - Is there anyone out there?

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Wed Aug 30 11:27:26 PDT 2000

> This list seems to have gone extremely quiet.  What is everyone up to?
> Rachel

  I was wondering that myself.......
    Current projects:
    1) a tablecloth for my mother, blackwork/whitework on cream linen, using
antique blue floss (was supposed to be a first-anniversary present, but I'm
a bit late...<G>)  The pattern is a combo of the patterns from Anna Meyer's
    2) a commissioned blackworked shirt, hand-spun hand-dyed green silk on
wheat-colored linen, original
blackwork pattern;
    3)A filet crochet tablecloth for myself, pattern from an
old magazine found in a junque store, which may be finished sometime before
my children send me off to the
    4) An Italian Renn gown in green wool, and the silk camisa to go with
it, still in the drawing stage.

    Hmm.  Looking at this list, no wonder there are dustbunnies under my
couch!! <G>


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