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Penny Ladnier costumegallery at
Wed Aug 30 11:32:48 PDT 2000

I am proud to announce that the Online Costume Balls now have their own
domain, Yes, the websites have grown that
large.  You can find the archives of the past balls at the new domain.  I
will put their new URLs at the end of this message.  So if you have the
Balls bookmarked or you linked to them, please update with their new URLs.
The Cyber Cinderella stories will soon move to this new domain, too.  This
website will be devoted to costume balls exclusively.

Info on the Online Costume Ball 2000 our third annual ball:  As of today, we
are accepting guests for the 2000 Ball.  You can find all the information on
how to be a guest at The
deadline to submit guests is Sept. 22.  The Ball will begin on Sept. 30,
2000.  This year, we will provide links back to the  "guest" costume
designer's website, if it pertains to costume or one of the guest
categories.  We are doing this because so many people have asked for people
to make them costumes... and as you all know, we do not make costumes.  We
provide costume resources.

If you visit the past Ball's we have come up with a code to lock down the
guest images.  This way, people can not right click on your guest images and
save them to their computer.  All of the Ball's have this new feature.

Now for the new URLs for the past Online Balls:


Penny Ladnier
Owner of the Costume Balls
The Costume Gallery

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