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Wed Aug 30 12:57:38 PDT 2000

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> This list seems to have gone extremely quiet.  What is everyone up to?

Let's see ...

#1 Trying to finish up some treasure box projects for our crown princess in 
time for coronation, going more slowly than I would like because I have a new 
job teaching literature at a local high school (yes, my friends, I'm finally 
employed!) and have been swamped trying to get set up for that.

#2 Knitting a totally modern sweater in chunky yarns on big needles because 
sometimes I need a break from #1.  This also is going more slowly than I 
would like, for the same reasons mentioned above.

#3 Embroidering an Opus Anglicanum style aumoniere, which is by nature pretty 

#4 Sewing some clothes for mundane wear, stalled because I'm to the 
putting-in-the-zipper stage and I *hate* putting in zippers.

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