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>  I do know that satin stitch was used extensively,
>  along with Pekingese stitch; does anyone know where I could find
>  inforation about what other stitches might have been used in the 13th
>  or 14th centuries (Yuan dynasty)?


I don't know if I mentioned this one to you before or not (brain has turned 
to mush) but the best resource I have so far found on Yuan textiles is this:

James C.Y. Wyatt and Anne E. Wardwell, _When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and 
Chinese  Textiles_. New York: Abrams, 1997.  ISBN 0-8109-6513-5.

There are nice detailed colour plates, a whole chapter on luxury silk weaving 
under the Mongols,  and another on embroideries, several of which are Yuan 
work.  Each piece has a nice technical analysis including what stitches were 
used, and there is a visual glossary of the stitches in an appendix.  In 
addition to satin and Pekingese, long and short stitch, couching, split 
stitch, and detached buttonhole are common.  Yuan embroidery seems to have 
been characterised by a particularly extravagant use of gold threads.

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