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> >  I do know that satin stitch was used extensively,
> >  along with Pekingese stitch; does anyone know where I could find
> >  inforation about what other stitches might have been used in the
> 13th
> >  or 14th centuries (Yuan dynasty)?
> Hiya,
> I don't know if I mentioned this one to you before or not (brain
> has turned 
> to mush) but the best resource I have so far found on Yuan textiles
> is this:
> James C.Y. Wyatt and Anne E. Wardwell, _When Silk Was Gold: Central
> Asian and 
> Chinese  Textiles_. New York: Abrams, 1997.  ISBN 0-8109-6513-5.

Oo.  <goes off on a search for this book>

> There are nice detailed colour plates, a whole chapter on luxury
> silk weaving 
> under the Mongols,  and another on embroideries, several of which
> are Yuan 
> work.  Each piece has a nice technical analysis including what
> stitches were 
> used, and there is a visual glossary of the stitches in an
> appendix.  In 
> addition to satin and Pekingese, long and short stitch, couching,
> split 
> stitch, and detached buttonhole are common.  Yuan embroidery seems
> to have 
> been characterised by a particularly extravagant use of gold
> threads.
> Stephanie/Alianora/Narantsetseg

Oh, swoon.  Thank you sooooo much!  (Love your webpage, BTW.)

who hasn't gone looking for a Mongol name yet

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