HNW - Is there anyone out there?

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Thu Aug 31 04:03:54 PDT 2000

>> This list seems to have gone extremely quiet.  What is everyone up to?
>> Rachel
>  I was wondering that myself.......
>    Current projects:

1. Unpacking from the "war" - and washing all the clothes and cloths
involved in camping and merchanting.

2. Washing Pennsic dust off all the books, doing an inventory, etc., etc.,

3. Continuing to work on a rondel for a Pelican award - silk on linen
needlepoint, 28 sts to the inch.  Still only about 1/3rd done.

4. Started on the 12th letter (of 15) of the banner that will....
someday.... maybe....say "Small Churl Books" in reversible blackwork with
stem stitch outlining on both sides.

Did make a "find" at the war.  I've wanted to do some Ottoman embroideries,
and I actually found the very sheer linen that is the type they used!  I
didn't even know such a sheer fabric was made.  The price was reasonable,
too.  I may not start on this for a long time, but at least now it is


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