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Fairchild, Connie E. Connie.Fairchild at
Thu Aug 31 07:05:28 PDT 2000

Yes, I'm here among you!  Haven't any 1830's projects going at present,
waiting on fabric approval for Kinsdale Cloak to make for re-enacting
daughter.  Winter project out of a deep sage green almost tweed type wool

Keeping busy by mending and preparing linens belonging to my Grandmother,
her mother and mother-in-law (my great-grandmothers).  While trying to clear
some boxes out of upstairs storage, my mother, daughter and I ran across a
big box of these beautifully embroidered, crocheted -- some with cutwork,
drawnwork, etc -- tablecloths, scarves, towels, and a few doilies a few
weeks ago.  We decided to offer them to my cousins in the family who might
want a memento.  Like my Mother said, "There's no excuse for anyone not to
have something as a remembrance, if they would want it."  So, I have been
washing, mending, and ironing getting these treasures ready to send to
receptive new homes and into the loving hands of my cousins.  My mother is
the oldest in her family of eight, my daughter and I are the oldest in our
small families, so we ended up with a lot of stuff and felt it just wasn't
right that we have all this and are worrying about what to do with it.  We
decided it's time to lighten our load and spread around some of these
beautiful things our foremothers put many hours into making.  We have a
family group that corresponds regularly (5 or 6 of us daily) by email, so I
sent out a notice about the linens and asked those who were interested to
let me know they would like to receive one of our little "Care" packages.

Although I've always enjoyed and appreciated these items, this is the first
time I've actually looked at them in great detail.  I want to write a brief
description of what each piece is, what it was used for, the type of
handwork that is on it and anything else that the receiver might like to
know.  Since so many of these younger women don't do any handwork or sewing,
I think it will help them to see the incredible skill and time that our
grandmothers invested in these pieces of cloth.  These are things that are
not terribly valuable in monetary terms, but at the same time they are worth
so much.  We were pleased by the response we got.  

Best wishes and joy in your projects.  Connie Fairchild

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> Subject: HNW - Is there anyone out there?
> This list seems to have gone extremely quiet.  What is everyone up to?
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