HNW - Re: Is there anyone out there?

Helen A Honeycutt merch_a_mor at
Thu Aug 31 08:18:03 PDT 2000

Still alive- still stitching.
current projects- 1)  A queen-size Welsh (one colour, quilted in
patterns) for my youngest brothers wedding (may be done in time for his
2nd anniversary), cotton with wool batting.       2)  A wall hanging of a
'lung' (Chinese dragon), about 6' by 4', mostly brick, long-and-short,
satin stitches with some needleweaving, couching etc.  3) a second
hanging, mundane family arms, a welsh-style dragon and accompanying
stuff, 4' by 4'   4) two crochet baby gowns (must be done by Nov 1st!)  
5) Three cross stitch projects in various stages  6) Back-to-school
mending and alterations for the kids-aaargh!
Helen Honeycutt
Mad alchemist and textile fanatic at large

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