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<< Aha! A lady after my own heart! This sounds like a fabulous idea. I, too,
 like mosaics, beads and cross stitch,  >>

I am also interested in beads...and beadweaving!  However, has anyone found 
any documentation????  I know there are pictures with beaded trim..but I 
consider that more a form of embroidery.  I am searching for a beaded 
pouch...perhaps on a chain, or a pin.  I'm also very new (and very bad) at 
reasearch.  Any ideas of how/where to look would be helpful!
  As for the sizes...the size of the bead is the number of beads to the inch, 
strung.  You can pick up a bead on your downward stitch in cross stitch to 
place it on the fabric.  

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