HNW - TNCM Piracy kathe1 at
Mon May 1 04:15:54 PDT 2000

> And for those who wrote to chide me for advancing my personal 
> economic 
> interest by squelching non-royalty distribution of the book - 
> Ianthe
> ianthe at
> Kim Salazar, whose only copy of the book is first run #1.

I can't believe that anyone would chide you over this!! Why is it okay
for a book store to sell bootleg copies to advance their economic
interest, but it's not okay for the author to get the royalties due
them?? If it wasn't for authors, we wouldn't have any books. Most of them
don't write for the money, but what's wrong with the person responsible
for the book being available at all getting some money from the book if
there is money being made on it?

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