HNW - Looking for Needlework & Garb Fun Near Baltimore Noramunro at
Wed May 3 06:40:23 PDT 2000

I wrote:

> I'd offer to play tourguide one day (I live in Annapolis) but as Karen 
>  I'm teaching an embroidery class at an event in Fredericksburg, VA, that 
>  weekend.  ;-)

Gah.  That's not what Karen said, and I got it wrong anyway.  She correctly 
said I was teaching the tokens and favours class in Fredericksburg, at an 
event on 13  May.  I'm teaching the embroidery class a couple of weeks later 
at Atlantian University.  I've been working on the embroidery handout a bit 
this week, which is probably why I had that class on the brain.  This is what 
comes of checking email too early in the morning.

At least I got the transit information right.

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