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Katherine Estep kestep at
Sat May 6 04:30:18 PDT 2000

Hello, everyone

A little while ago there was a discussion about the colorfastness of
silk thread.  Now that I was a little more certain, I thought that I
would make a recommendation.  I just finished a detailed and many
colored embroidery.  

It is an Elizabethan embroidery slip in tent stitch.  Unfortunately, it
acquired the typical rhomboid shape which needs blocking to straighten. 
I had tested the thread but was still extremely nervous.  I have
immersed the entire project in water twice with no color bleeding!!! 
The brand of silk floss that I used is Splendor.  According to the card
that it is wrapped on it is 100% Silk, 12-ply, 8 Yards, Hand Washable,
Test First.  It is distributed by Raindbow Gallery 7412 Fulton Ave #5
N.Hollywood CA 91605

I hope this helps.

Happily stitching,

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