HNW - "a deux endroits" embroidery lilinah at
Sat May 6 23:22:57 PDT 2000

Lisa asked about this quote:
>	"These banners or oriflammes demanded a fair degree of skill for
>they had to be embroidered in a manner whereby the device could be seen
>clearly on two sides of the fabric. This requirement led to the
>development of a special form of embroidery known as a deux endroits. 
>The term implied that the back of the embroidery was worked as dexterously
>as the front."

"á deux étroits" literally means "with two right-sides". Since 
"étroit" is "the right side", the phrase basically means what we call 
"double-sided" in English. A neat satin stitch, for example, could be 
double sided, besides the double-running stitch. And one could couch 
two sides simultaneously.

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