HNW - "a deux endroits" embroidery lisaleon at
Sat May 6 23:52:05 PDT 2000

> "double-sided" in English. A neat satin stitch, for example, could be 
> double sided, besides the double-running stitch. And one could couch 
> two sides simultaneously.

	This is what I supposed it meant, but I wondered if there are any
references that document it.  Jones refers to it as "a special form of
embroidery" so I wondered if it meant something very specific, sort of
like the way or nue is a specific style of couching.

	I haven't seen it mentioned in any of my other books and a web
search turned up nothing.  Most of my books are slanted towards English
work, although I do have Schuette and I didn't see it there either.  
Jones mentioned a deux endroits in the context of heraldry and the
Crusades, so even though it's in French, I would think it would appear in
other crusading countries too.

	Are there surviving heraldic banners from that far back?


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